The City

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City is massive. So massive that it takes several days to cross from end to end. This town has anything the players would need, for a price.

At any point of the city a beacon can be seen denoting the center of the city, at the center of the city is a hotel called Home. This is where the players find the map of the world, empty at first save for the location of the city. Home from the outside seems like a small two story hotel, but inside the floors are infinite, allowing all adventurers a room here for free. The Map is in the tavern of the hotel where tavern shenanigans happen.

Despite the city being isolated from anywhere, the shops remain stocked, trading gold to the gods via alters to get the resources they need. The players at some point may learn of this and witness it as it’s a very common thing and well known.

To find things in the city there are large crystal “kiosks” that, when asked, will project a small light orb to guide players to where they are trying to go. These kiosks are numerous and also free to use.

The city has a mash up of various architectures but over all is similar to a London/New York mashup, with bits of Victorian and Romanesque architecture spread about.

The City

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