The Gods

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The gods of this world are separate from most gods. They don’t have temples or followers, but rather rule over this world cultivating the strongest of heroes. They are fair, yet brutal. Their laws though few, are to be followed. To go against the gods is to be removed from existence. The gods have the power to kill heroes and pin their souls to the spot of death permanently, this is never done without transgression, unless a portal challenge is failed.

Success is the completion of the guardians challenge, and defeat of the guardian.
Failure is a death during the challenge (a full death).

The 10 portal guardians are:
Level 5’s:
Level 7:
Level 10’s:
Level 15’s:
Level 17:
Level 20’s:
Final: Eden

If a Hero defeats Eden and survives their names are scrawled into history. Their character becomes a demigod and perks are to be worked out. Perhaps an item of theirs becomes a legendary new weapon to be made and placed in the world. Maybe a new feat the players next characters get.

The Gods

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